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by Hubert
oil on canvas
'Arne Norell chairs'
Restoration going on right now. Back in the house around the 22th of june!
Klik Hier
in st. Maries de la Mer 1920 by unknown artist
oil on canvas, 60 x 45 cm
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collector - restore - seller

My name is Luus Broekema. I’m a Dutch woman (58) living in the north of Holland.
Art has been always in my life in some sort of way. I studied Arthistory and Graphic Design.
For many years my profession was graphic designer while raising my 3 daughters.
It was in 2018 I started my career as an artdealer.

It is simple, I collect and buy what triggers my emotions.
Some artworks I restore, or let restore or I leave them as they are.
The art I sell is from unknown artists and well-known artists.

I hope the art touches you as it touches me.


Feel free to contact me.