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Miguel Ángel Paolin
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Miguel Ángel Paolin


Miguel Ángel Paolin, artist from Argentina, asked me to take care for selling a few of his works.
I feel honored to do so.

Miquel Ángel:
''I was born (1974) in Lomas de Zamora, a city near Buenos Aires, which belongs to a working class urban conglomerate called 'Greater Buenos Aires'.
I am the son of an Italian father, who came to this country being a little child, fleeing from the war, like many others in that times. I'm argentinian and italian citizen, and have family in both countries.

I live in Buenos Aires. I obtained a Bachelor of Visual Arts from the National University of Arts.

I have developed my work in the academic field for many years, so I conceive painting as a form of research.

I’m a member of the Argentine Society of Plastic Artists and I have participated in several salons of that institution.

I have my studio in Buenos Aires city, where I work investigating new forms of expression on the great pictorial genres of the western tradition.''