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Bohemian vases
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Bohemian vases

Glass and enameled decoration
height 45 cm, Ø about 15 cm, widest center 57 cm

Two exceptionally unique Art Nouveau Bohemian vases, made ca. 1900-1910.
Rare and exquisite examples, both technically and artistically. They have a fine shape made of amber coloured glass with swirls and a ruffled top and enamel decoration finely painted.
They are beautiful together.
It is complicated to attribute these vases with certainty to a glass factory. The creations of Harrach and Auguste Jean have many similarities. But most likely they are produced and designed by Harrach.
Inspired from designs by Auguste Jean (1829 – 1896).
Harrach was a glass factory in the Czech Republic. Their history goes back to 1712 when the factory was founded (people say even more early). Several glassmakers, engravers, glass cutters and painters of Harrachov made the most beautiful artworks of glass, till today! Reading the history of this factory is very nice.
The enamelling is of high quality.
Overall good condition, beautifully preserved.
There are a few splinters off in the Swirls, not noticible at all but they are there (see last photos).
Great collector’s pieces and exceptionally beautiful vases.

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