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Bupro shell chairs
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Bupro shell chairs

Chromed legs with hard plastic polyester buckets
Height 74 cm, Width 45 cm, Depth 50 cm, Seat height 46 cm

Mid Century chairs by Bupro

Four funky shaped vintage shell chairs in army green by Bupro

Chromed legs with hard plastic polyester buckets.

Made by Bupro, Buighout nv in Alkmaar, Holland.
… names as Ahrend de Cirkel, Oda, Rudolf Wolf, Buighout nv, (bureau) Prominent all come up with these chairs .… these chairs are so stylish and truely mid-modern design pieces.

Bupro was a manufacturing company that produced parts for various furniture brands. In the mid-1960s they were taken over by Buighout nv. Various designers have created designs that were produced here. One of the designers with the same style of design was Rudolf Wolf.

In vintage and refurbished condition.
The chrome is cleaned. Some little rust spots are there on the legs (see photos)
Only one leg has more rust visable but cleaned.
The shells has been sanded and sprayed by professional restoration companies.

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